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The piano manufacturer Steingraeber has been producing upright and grand pianos in the festival city of Bayreuth since 1852. Around 35 employees of the family business currently create top quality pianos by hand every day. Steingraeber pianos are played by important artists and in the most renowned concert halls and music academies worldwide.
Then as now, Steingraeber has been a constant source of inspiration for the further development of top-quality instruments. Some of the latest innovations take up old ways of playing, such as the Mozart slide for infinitely variable adjustment of the key drop on grand pianos of 8-10 mm or the Sordino, a very fine felt that slides horizontally between the hammer and the string and allows tone changes such as Franz Schubert's "fp".

August Förster
August Förster

The history of the pianoforte factory begins in the 1820s. Eduard Steingraeber, from the 2nd generation, settled in Bayreuth in 1852 and produced his Opus 1, a revolutionary masterpiece. From 1867 onwards, Steingraeber pianos were regularly awarded international prizes and in 1906 world-famous designers began to create Steingraeber piano furniture. Since 1980, Udo Schmidt-Steingraeber has now been running the company in the 6th generation and gave the lead in 2023 to the 7th generation, Fanny & Alban Schmidt-Steingraeber.

Seal of Quality "Brand of the Century" – 100% made in Bayreuth

The selection process for the Brands of the Century is guided by binding rules that are described in a set of regulations. The evaluation is carried out by an independent jury and is based on selected facts that speak for the success of a brand. At the end of the evaluation, there is the brand sheet. It guarantees the successfully selected brands the unique position in a specific product category. The entire selection process is free of charge, proactive and transparent.

The "Brand of the Century" seal of quality confirms Steingraeber as the most traditional and at the same time most innovative top manufacturer of upright and grand pianos in Germany:

Steingraeber Manufaktur's oldest patent dates back to 1885, and others followed up to the current utility models of Sordino, Mozartzug and SFM-Mechanik. In addition to the numerous innovations, which include for example the carbon fibre soundboard and the transducer grand piano, Steingraeber also convinced the jury in particular with its authenticity: all Steingraeber uprights and grand pianos are 100% made in the festival town of Bayreuth. Previous certifications such as the "ZDH Zert" confirmed the use of 80% domestic materials. Steingraeber has now even been able to increase this proportion to 90%. This is particularly highlighted in the new "Brands of the Century" seal of quality.

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