• Concert grand piano
  • Sanded soundboard
  • Classic construction
  • Dynamic balance
  • Quality product
  • Mozart Rail
  • Sordino Pedal
Model: D-232
Color: Schwarz poliert
Year of Production: 2015
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The D-232 is designed as the brother of the concert grand E-272. The family resemblance is already clear in the frame shape: sound reflex zones, the symmetrical shape and the strictly limited soundboard contribute to the particularly cantabile sound and its broadly graduated modulation ability from the softest pppp to the energetic ffff. With 46 notes, the capo extends beyond the middle of the keyboard, thus encompassing the widest range of notes, and with this concept for “even more brilliance and resonance” it stands quite alone in the worldwide piano market: only 42 notes are bound by agraffes.



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