Rent your piano
from the specialist

You want to rent a piano for a certain time? We will be glad to help you!

Depending on the duration of the piano rental we have different options.

1 day to max. 1 month - here we can offer you almost all pianos. Contact us and we will find the right piano for you!

1 month and more - for such a long period of time we also rent pianos, but depending on the value at different conditions.

Rent-purchase option - all the pianos shown below are also available for rent-purchase. Our system is as simple as it gets and offers you a flexible solution for upgrades (the bigger the instrument, the more fun 😉 ).

Below you can see pianos that are already finished and available for rent. If you can't find the piano you're looking for, please contact us directly here, we'll be happy to help you.

August Förster
Steinway & Sons
Ready to play
Available on order
On Stock
ĂŒber 12.000 CHF
3.000 bis 6.000 CHF
6.000 bis 12.000 CHF