138 K

  • Height: 138 cm
  • classically elegant
  • Original German brand
  • with Ivolan key coating + ebony top keys
  • 3. pedal
Model: 138 K
Color: schwarz poliert
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138 K – the concert piano! It has a sounding soundboard of a salon grand 180 cm long. It was awarded a prize in Paris as the world’s best. It replaces grand pianos in colleges and small halls, even churches: better a top piano than a mediocre grand! As standard, it is equipped with classical action and long chamber damping for the single-string choruses.

The basic versions are:

  • 138 K
  • 138 K-SFM (Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet action)

Optionally available are, for example, the third pedal tone (sostenuto) and the chamber music damping also for the 2-string chore.

Whether you are an amateur pianist, a music lover, a piano teacher or a concert pianist looking for a high quality piano for your home or concert venue, the Steingraeber Model 138 K is an excellent choice. It is crafted with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail as the Steingraeber concert pianos, making it a truly exceptional instrument for players of all skill levels.

The soundboard of the 138 K model is made of fine spruce wood, carefully selected for its tonal qualities and resonance. The action parts are also made of first-class materials, resulting in a responsive and expressive touch that will satisfy even the most demanding pianists.

One of the outstanding features of the 138 K model is its exceptional dynamic range. It can produce a wide range of dynamics, from the softest pianissimo to the most thunderous fortissimo, allowing players to fully express themselves musically.

In addition to its superior sound quality, the Model 138 K is also a work of art. The cabinet is handcrafted from the finest materials and boasts an elegant design that will enhance the décor of any home.

In summary, the Steingraeber Model 138 K is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality piano for your home, classroom or concert hall. Its exceptional sound quality, elegant design and practical features make it a true masterpiece of German engineering and craftsmanship.

Again, we refrain from trying to describe the instrument in words. Come by and hear/feel for yourself what makes this instrument so valuable!



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