• Sanded soundboard
  • Classic construction
  • Dynamic balance
  • Quality product
  • Mozart Rail
Model: A-170
Color: Schwarz poliert
Year of Production: 2022
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The constructive roots of the A-170 date back to 1905. Steingraeber does not consider its smallest grand piano to be a “Stutzflügel”, because the many awards as “best in its class” boast that it sounds much larger than it is. Physically, this phenomenon is due to the unusually wide shape of the A-170, which allows for very long bass strings.

It is the only top-class salon grand piano that transmits the vibrations directly, just like the big pianos, thanks to a “real” bridge without an auxiliary bridge that makes small pianos sound nasal.

The way it is played is also professional, and so the A-170 stands as a concert grand on cramped stages, universities or opera houses.



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