• hight: 122 cm
  • classic elegant
  • Original German manufacture
  • with Ivolan key coatings + ebony overtone keys
Model: 122
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122 T – The house concert piano! The Steingraeber Model 122 is a handcrafted instrument made from the finest materials. Each piano is carefully built by experienced craftsmen to ensure that it has exceptional sound quality and a long life. It is a classic with extreme sonority thanks to a special design: a resonating secondary soundboard creates additional sound volume as a “turbo” from the forte attack.

The basic versions are:

122 T with classic Steingraeber action as a smooth-playing variant for enthusiasts
122 T-SFM (Steingraeber ferro-magnet mechanism)

A moderator pedal, for example, is optionally available.

As a stage piano, it is in use at the Festspielhaus Bayreuth, the Malmö Opera House, La Scala Milano and many universities.

Overall, the Steingraeber Model 122 is an excellent choice for any piano player looking for a high-quality instrument. It is a handmade piano that has been built with great attention to detail and offers excellent sound quality and aesthetics. If you are looking for a piano that will inspire you, then the Steingraeber Model 122 is definitely worth considering.

Again, we refrain from trying to describe the instrument in words. Come by and hear/feel for yourself what makes this instrument so valuable!


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