We carry out a wide range of repairs both at the customer's premises and in our workshop. We are very well connected with the most different piano builders at home and abroad. This diversity results in the best solutions for you.

In our own varnishing cabin we also have the possibilities to repair case damages or simply to make a "new coat of paint".



Below we have compiled answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
How long is the warranty on repairs carried out?

We give a 2-year guarantee on mechanical functions. The prerequisite is correct handling and the right location of the instrument.

How long do strings last on a piano?

Approx. 20 years, then the strings should be replaced. Exceptions are made in very humid locations or accidents with liquids, etc.

When do the hammer heads on my piano need to be replaced?

There are two reasons why hammer heads have to be replaced. Either they are so heavily played that the felt has hardened and the sound suffers (if necessary, this can also be corrected with voicing). Another possibility is that the strings have played heavily into the felt (deep grooves are created). On the one hand, this has an effect on the sound, but also on the axles that guide the hammer shaft. To avoid severe damage, the hammer heads must be replaced.

Can I have a silent system installed in my piano?

In principle, yes. However, on some models the space is too small and we cannot install the system afterwards. In any case, compromises have to be made for an instrument with a muting system installed later. So it is not to be compared with the brand-new instruments.

How often does my piano need a service?

In addition to the annual tuning, the instrument should also be checked and reworked in regulation. This is usually done by the tuner during the tuning job.
However, after a few years, more extensive work may be required. The felts on the hammer heads become very worn over time and have to be sanded down or even replaced. The keys are also exposed to a lot of friction and, depending on use, need an overhaul every few years. As the strings are made of steel (and partly of copper), they start to oxidise over time and this has a bad effect on the sound. We therefore recommend replacing the strings after 20 years at the latest.

Can my piano be repaired at my home?

For small jobs, the technician can also repair the instrument at home. Simple regulation work, for example. For all major work, however, the instrument must be brought to the workshop – there we have enough space and all the tools at hand. This way, nothing can surprise us when we take a closer look at the instrument.

Does my instrument have to go to the workshop for repair?

It is highly recommended to take the instrument to the workshop. Only a few jobs can be done at home. For many jobs, there is not enough space or equipment at home, or it would simply be too expensive to bring all the tools.
Because many repairs take several weeks, the travel costs for the technician would also be too expensive.

How long will a repair take?

The duration of the repair depends on the work. For a major overhaul (new strings, complete overhaul of the action, treatment of the keys,…) at least one month must be expected.
With most repairs there are some idle times, because wood has to be dried or glue spots have to harden. Especially with new strings, the instrument needs some time until it can hold its tuning.

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