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Our Shigeru Kawai Selection

Since 1927, Kawai has stood for excellence in grand and upright pianos. In 2001, the Shigeru Kawai grand piano series was introduced, which today enjoys the highest popularity and recognition among pianists and institutions all over the world.
In 2012, Kawai enters a new era with the Shigeru Kawai "Concert Series" grand pianos.
The SK "Concert Series" grand pianos are characterised by elegant design, the highest quality materials, technical advancements, sensitive playing and perfect sound.

August Förster
August Förster

There is no greater expression of honour, no greater obligation, than to be able to place one's own name on the result of one's work.
From the first design on the drawing board, to the selection of the finest materials, to the finishing by the MPA's (Master Piano Artisans), each Shigeru Kawai grand piano is proof of uncompromising craftsmanship, a symbol of endless dedication and the profound expression of pride and honour.
For Shigeru Kawai, there could be no other way.

Handwork and exclusivity

It was Shigeru Kawai's express wish that his name and honour should be upheld by those who take up his future legacy.

Therefore, all owners of a Shigeru Kawai piano should receive a visit from an MPA. It is our desire during this visit to give the Shigeru Kawai piano a regulation, intonation and concert tuning tailored to the pianist - as a gift to those pianists who have chosen one of the finest pianos in Japan.

Time does not play a major role in the construction of a Shigeru Kawai grand piano. There is no rush to complete the work quickly, no pressure for completion, no demanding delivery times.

Every craftsman has internalised that perfection is the highest priority. This explains why each production step takes 3 to 5 times longer than the production of a conventional grand piano and why the Shigeru workshop is a place of peace and serenity. If there is a fundamental secret to the full sound of Shigeru grand pianos, it is this quiet place of creation where heart, soul and spirit are given the time to breathe and the peace to develop.

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