Shigeru Kawai
Mod. VII

  • Length: 229 cm
  • Millennium III action
  • Semi concert grand piano
Model: SK-7
Color: schwarz poliert
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CHF 88'926,- incl. VAT
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The SK-7 is a work of art that can evoke unforgettable sound experiences, passion and feelings of happiness in the hands of a true pianist.

The SK “Concert Series” grand pianos are characterised by elegant design, the highest quality materials, technical advancements, sensitive playing and perfect sound.

The use of ABS carbon makes the action parts incredibly robust. ABS carbon is much stronger than wood and almost resistant to changes caused by environmental influences and humidity. This unique combination of strength and stability enables the transfer of touch power with virtually no loss of energy.

The grand piano is suitable for concert halls or schools and impresses with its volume and the lightness of its playing style.


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