August Förster
116 E

  • Height: 116 cm / Width: 153 cm
  • classically elegant
  • original German brand
  • 3. pedal
Model: 116 E
Color: schwarz poliert
Year of Production: 2022
CHF 21'300,- incl. VAT
Mietpreis CHF 398,31 inkl. MwSt.
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The AUGUST FÖRSTER principle is based on cultivating their 160 years of craftsmanship as well as meeting the most individual demands. This lived tradition is both a great heritage and the most beautiful challenge, which did not come from their hands without effort, but fills them with pride and makes them adhere to virtues.

Following the proven traditional methods and using high-quality materials, these instruments are made almost exclusively by hand.

With this instrument, too, we refrain from trying to describe the instrument in words. Come by and hear/feel for yourself what makes this instrument so valuable!




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