K - 200 EP

  • Height: 114 cm
  • State of the art technology
  • Classic construction
  • Dynamic balance
  • Especially suitable for beginners
Model: K-200
Color: schwarz poliert
Year of Production: 2022
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K - 200 EP

For over 40 years, Kawai has been developing modern pianos, using innovative techniques and materials, and always coming up with new ideas to improve. This innovative spirit is the essence of Kawai and the most important reason why Kawai instruments have excelled in performance for generations.

The use of ABS carbon makes the action parts incredibly robust. ABS carbon is much stronger than wood and virtually resistant to change by environmental influences and moisture. This unique combination of strength and stability enables the transfer of impact force with virtually no loss of energy.

All K-Series hammers have a Cites free mahogany hammer core, making them light and responsive.




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