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The visionary spirit of Koichi Kawai, founder of Kawai, laid an ambitious foundation and is the main reason why the name Kawai has been synonymous with innovation since 1927. Always on the lookout for new materials and technologies that improve sound, feel, stability and value, Kawai was the first to pioneer the greatest variety of innovations in the piano industry. These include aluminium action parts, slow-closing keyboards, specially hardened music stands and, of course, the revolutionary use of ABS carbon for keyboard machine heads.

August Förster
August Förster

The passion for innovation also applies to electronic musical instruments. Kawai produced the first digital piano with all-wood keys - as well as the first keyboard that was a true replica of a grand piano action, the first integrated CD recorder, and the first digital piano with a real wood soundboard to replace a speaker.
We see our challenge in this never-ending development in accordance with our motto - the future of the piano.

Kawai Pianos -
grand and upright pianos par excellence

The new K-200 to K-800 pianos, are based on the K-Series, which has won awards in many countries around the world. But even good things can be improved. The wooden construction has been expanded to 5 detents, and the cast iron plate has been connected even more firmly to the frame construction with 2 plate support screws. The result is an even fuller and rounder sound, perfectly enhanced by the solid soundboard. Extended keys and the incomparably precise Millennium III give the best possible control at the quietest pianissimo and strongest forte.

The GL grand piano series has all the key quality features that have made Kawai instruments a preferred choice of pianists and teachers for generations. Designed and engineered to provide exceptional sound and touch that will last for many years.

The new design of the GX grand pianos exceeds all expectations. State-of-the-art technology has been combined with traditional craftsmanship. The knowledge and years of experience are passed down from generation to generation, defining the philosophy of Japanese grand piano making. The result is a new lightness of touch, especially appreciated by the best pianists, and a full, lively and expressive tone that inspires the creative passion of every musician.

Kawai Anytime & AURES -
Silent systems for pianos and grand pianos

Developed in collaboration with Onkyo, one of Japan's leading premium audio manufacturers, the AURES 2 models feature newly developed transducers, all four of which are mounted directly on the soundboard, causing it to vibrate. Due to the soundboard system, the sound reproduction of the digital sound generation is very natural and spatial. Conventional speakers are not used in the AURES 2 models. The Soundboard System allows not only the play of the digital sound generation, but also, for example, the combination of the acoustic sound with a digital sound or the playback of songs via Bluetooth audio.

The AnyTimeX4 models are equipped with a mute function for the acoustic part of the piano and high-quality digital piano technology. Thus, it is possible for pianists to enjoy the playing feel of a traditional piano at any time and not disturb anyone by using headphones. Included with the AnyTimeX4 models is Kawai's SH-9 headphones, which are specially designed to match the instruments' integrated sound generation.
When the acoustic components are muted, KAWAI AnyTimeX4 pianos use unique digital technology developed at the Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, where KAWAI SK-EX concert grand pianos are also handcrafted. The beautiful sound of the Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano is at the heart of the new AnyTimeX4 pianos.

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