• Length: 188 cm
  • Millennium III action
  • Acrylic/Phenol key pads
  • Soft fall system of the key cover
  • 3 pedals
Model: GX-3
Color: schwarz poliert
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CHF 39'129,- incl. VAT
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The new GX Series has the expressive touch of a concert grand piano and possesses the level of sophistication usually enjoyed only by the top tier of concert pianists.
To achieve this goal, the overall key length has been significantly increased, resulting in a balanced playing weight between the white and black keys.

The Millennium III action contains parts made of ABS carbon. This composite material consists of Kawai’s patented ABS styran combined with ABS carbon. Carbon fibres are extremely robust and durable. Therefore, the parts of the action can be made lighter without sacrificing strength and stability. The result is a more precise, faster action that has better power transmission, precise control and greater stability than conventional wooden machine heads.



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