Piano Life Saver System
from Dampp Chaser

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Piano Life Saver System
from Dampp Chaser

The ideal solution for maintaining tuning

In perfect interaction, 3 coordinated components keep the humidity and temperature in the instrument constant. A control unit (humidistat) is the heart of the climate control system. It reacts to air that is too humid or too dry. If the humidity is too high, it switches on a dehumidifier. If the air is dry, a humidifier is activated. In this way, the system keeps the wood humidity in the instrument stable.

Maintenance is easier than watering flowers

A control light reminds the user to refill the water tank about every 14 days. This is done in a maintenance-friendly way via the filling hose (Wateringtube) with a special jug that is included in the scope of delivery. If the six-month service interval is exceeded, the system also warns you via the control light.

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