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Jean Dubois

Good day

My name is Jean Dubois and I will soon be 18 years old. I started playing the violin at the age of 3, and then switched to the piano at 5. Born in Paris, my parents decided to move to Geneva 2 years later. I spent my whole childhood there until 14, when I spent a year in Hanover. I have been in Zurich since 2020. Over the years I have worked with the following teachers, among others: Bernd Goetzke, Itamar Golan, Emanuel Krasovsky.

In Geneva, I spent my training at the Geneva Conservatory with Prof. Philippe Chanon, and passed the exam for pre-professionel. In the same semester, however, I went to Hanover to study in IFF(Frühforderung).

I am currently in my last year at the MNG Rämibühl with a focus on physics and maths, and at the same time I am a student at the PreCollege ZHDK.

As repertoire I like to play everything from Bach’s Partitas to Etudes by Ligeti.

I would be very happy to give lessons with a focus on a musical approach to learning the piano.

Besides, I am not only interested in piano, but also cars, planes, languages, and much more.

Teaching location : Küsnacht, Zürichstrasse.


Jean Dubois