116 S, Silent

  • from first hand!
  • with integrated Yamaha Silent System
  • hight: 116 cm
Model: 116 S, sp Silent
Color: schwarz poliert
Serial-Nr.: 248493
Year of Production: 2003
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116 S, Silent

Schimmel Piano Model 116 S: Perfection in Black with Yamaha Silent System

When it comes to pianos that combine sound quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, there’s no way around the Schimmel Piano Model 116 S. This elegant piano in a black polished finish is not only a masterpiece in terms of aesthetics but also offers excellent playability and functionality. With its integrated Yamaha Silent System and a thorough overhaul by Piano Sigrist, it’s a piano gem that delights both beginners and advanced pianists.

The Schimmel Quality:

Schimmel, a renowned German piano manufacturer, has been known for over a century for producing pianos of the highest quality. The Model 116 S is no exception and represents the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship. With a height of 116 cm, it offers an impressive richness of sound and an excellent balance between the different registers.

The Yamaha Silent System:

The integration of the Yamaha Silent System is a true treasure for pianists of all levels. This innovative system allows you to switch between an acoustic and an electronic musical experience. This means you can immerse yourself in your musicality at any time without worrying about the time of day or your environment. The Silent System offers an impressive range of sounds and effects that make your playing more versatile.

Professional Overhaul by Piano Sigrist:

Another highlight of this Schimmel piano is the comprehensive overhaul by Piano Sigrist. This highly respected workshop is known for its craftsmanship precision and commitment to the highest quality. The piano’s mechanics have been carefully reworked to ensure that it is in the best condition and provides a smooth playing experience.

Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Players:

Whether you’re just starting to play the piano or are already an advanced pianist, the Schimmel Model 116 S is suitable for everyone. The keys respond sensitively to your touch, allowing you to develop your musical skills while perfecting your playing.

Overall, the Schimmel Piano Model 116 S in black polished finish with an integrated Yamaha Silent System is a true treasure for piano enthusiasts. With the perfect combination of tradition, innovation, and professional maintenance, it’s an instrument that will bring joy not only today but also in the coming years and decades. Invest in quality and performance – invest in Schimmel.


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