Conductors Piano

  • Height: 128 cm
  • 49 keys
  • 2007 completely restored
Model: Dirigentenklavier
Ready to play
CHF 19'500,- incl. VAT
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Conductors Piano

This special model is one of 321 copies worldwide. The Schmidt-Flohr company built these small instruments in Bern for 30 years. Before the conductor’s piano was replaced by its larger brother with 88 keys, it was used to set the exact tone in orchestras, choirs or with singers.
The piano can be played standing up and has only 1 pedal.

The 49 keys cover 4 octaves (c-c) and make it possible to play some melodies. The case is slanted so that the conductor can comfortably put down the score and use the piano as a desk.




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