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Learn from the best with Zapiano®
Zapiano® has been offering interactive piano courses specifically for adults since 2011. The student simply chooses a piano course according to their playing level & taste.

Conveniently from home and yet so personal – the Zapiano® method
You can follow Zapiano®’s interactive piano courses from the comfort of your own home, but you are never on your own. Both the exchange with like-minded people and the personal contact with the Zapiano® coaches are optimally guaranteed.

Zapiano® offers you contemporary, interactive piano lessons
In times of change, piano lessons should not be neglected. No travelling, no high costs, everything personal and freely selectable. But all the advantages of a traditional lesson.

With Zapiano® you have the right foundation for playing the piano
Zapiano® offers interactive piano courses for every taste and playing level.

Zapiano® – the pioneer in the industry
Sven Haefliger is the founder of Zapiano®. He is considered a pioneer in the industry and has been offering interactive piano courses on the internet since 2011 – exclusively for adults. His Zapiano® method enables creative and at the same time structured piano learning, so that it is really sustainable in the end.

Let yourself be inspired and light your fire for playing the piano
Zapiano® founder Sven Haefliger teaches you profound knowledge about playing the piano. He uses his specially developed Zapiano® method. Students can determine their own learning speed at any time of day – regardless of their playing level.


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