August Förster
190 "Meisterklasse"

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Voiced by Piano Sigrist
  • Balanced Renner action
  • Top price-performance ratio
Model: 190
Color: Schwarz poliert
Serial-Nr.: 166329
Year of Production: 2022
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CHF 53'500,- incl. VAT
CHF 56'800,- incl. VAT
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The characteristic warm, harmonious AUGUST FÖRSTER sound and the voluminous tone development of their instruments are the result of profound experience acquired in a continuous improvement process lasting more than 160 years. A particularly noteworthy result is the soundboard, which has been designed with great care and is unique in the Förster style. The strong cast iron plates of the AUGUST FÖRSTER instruments effortlessly absorb the tensile load of the strings (up to 20 tons!). Although the special shape – dating back to a patent by August Förster in 1866 – guarantees torsional rigidity to the greatest possible extent, you also build in a solid detent as a strong wooden construction. This results in the proverbial good tuning of your instruments.



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