• Measures relative humidity (10%-99%) and temperature (-10 °C to + 60°C)
  • Precise sensor
  • Digital display
  • Batteries included
CHF 22,- incl. VAT
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People spend at least two thirds of their lives indoors. Whether we feel comfortable and at ease there depends to a large extent on the quality of the indoor air. Rooms that are too humid favour mould growth, but air that is too dry is also detrimental to health and pets, plants, wooden floors and instruments suffer as well.
This functional thermo-hygrometer is an ideal measuring instrument for monitoring the indoor climate. You can easily keep an eye on temperature and humidity and regulate them through targeted heating and ventilation. The maximum and minimum values are stored and displayed at the touch of a button. This is how you create a pleasant and healthy living climate for you and your instrument.



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