Hygrometer KlimaLogg

  • For monitoring temperature (accuracy ± 1°C) and humidity (accuracy ±3% of 35…75%)
  • Display of dew point, maximum and minimum values with time and date of storage
  • Alarm in case of under/overshooting of freely adjustable temperature and humidity values
  • Data logger with up to 50,000 data records, retrievable via display or on PC with USB interface
  • Free software with diagram function for download
  • Radio clock with seconds, date, time zone ±12 hrs
  • Expandable with up to 8 radio transmitters
CHF 86,- incl. VAT
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Hygrometer KlimaLogg

The KLIMALOGG PRO from TFA allows you to accurately monitor temperature and humidity values – measured by the device itself and by up to 8 separate radio transmitters.

The cause of moisture or mould damage in living spaces can be determined from the recorded climate values.

The large memory is sufficient for 50,000 data records and thus offers extensive data documentation. With the “KLIMALOGG PRO” software, the data can be transferred to your PC via a USB transceiver, documented and displayed as a clear diagram.

You are warned by alarm if the values exceed or fall below freely adjustable limit values for temperature and humidity.

Maximum and minimum values can be displayed with the date and time of storage, as can the dew point. A switching output enables the control of external devices.



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